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Watch streams remotely with your loved one

StreamParty is a browser extension, that allows you to watch video streams in sync with your significant other all across the world, on multiple platforms.


Enjoy a Movie, Episode or Video with your loved one

Are you in a long distance relationship? Often watching something together on Netflix becomes a hassle with keeping the videos in sync. With StreamParty you can enjoy movies together like you are in the same room.

StreamParty supports



StreamParty works by

keeping all of the devices in sync when starting, pausing or seeking a video

Step 1

Install the extension:

The extensions is available in the webstore
Chrome Webstore
Step 2
Step 2

Go to a video on a supported platform

Currently StreamParty supports Youtube and Netflix. If you're on a supported video the StreamParty extension button switches from grayed logo to logo
Step 3

Login or Signup

Click on the extension button and then when first starting the extension you will be asked to Login or Signup
step 3
step 4
Step 4

Create a Party

After Logging in if you click the extension button again you can start the party.
Step 5

Share the Link

Copy the link and send it to your friends. They have to have StreamParty installed. Once the link is loaded, they have to click on the StreamParty extension button to join the Party
step 5
step 6
Step 6

Watch the Video & Chat

You can now start watching the video and it will keep all of them synced to all possible actions, like pausing or seeking.

Try StreamParty

StreamParty is currently in Beta so you might encounter some bugs. In case you find any, please contact us
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